Burn rosemary at home, surprising what happens a few minutes later

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Burning rosemary at home can be a real surprise, because what happens after a few minutes is pleasantly surprising. Rosemary has many uses in the kitchen, but not everyone knows its other aromatic virtues.

sage rosemary

However, as it is commonly called, “rosemary”   is an evergreen plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family   , native to the Mediterranean regions.

Used since ancient times for its medicinal and culinary properties, but   also for its fresh and penetrating aroma,   rosemary is one of the most popular aromatic herbs in the world.

Burning rosemary at home is   a common practice in many   ancient and traditional cultures. It is used to purify the air, repel insects and create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Burning rosemary is also a way to quickly and effectively release the aroma and   beneficial properties of the plant.

To burn rosemary at home,   you can use   an incense burner or an incense holder. Light the tip of the rosemary sprig with a match or candle and gently blow on the flame to extinguish it. The rosemary will continue to burn slowly,   releasing its aroma and properties into the surrounding air.

Rosemary in past beliefs

Rosemary is an herb that has a long history of use for its healing properties. Already in Roman times   it was used as a purifying herb   for environments, as it was believed that it had purifying properties and could prevent infectious diseases.

In the Middle Ages, however,   magical virtues were attributed to rosemary: it was used to make amulets against demons, to create special combs against baldness and to ward off moths. Furthermore, it was believed to positively influence romantic relationships, which is why it was often used in wedding rituals   as a symbol of fidelity.

The multiple properties of this plant and its use are linked to ancient beliefs and traditions. In the past it was often   used during funeral ceremonies   as it symbolized immortality. In some parts of the world, this custom is still practiced by burning rosemary leaves instead of incense   during funeral rites.

Later, burning   rosemary where there were plague victims     purified the air and subsequently discovered its beneficial properties in the treatment of diseases such as depression.

Also in 1370 the discovery of rosemary oil, thanks to a traveler who donated it to Isabella of Hungary. This oil proved to be   useful in the treatment of rheumatism   and has since not ceased to be used in natural medicine due to its therapeutic properties.

Burn rosemary at home

There are many ways rosemary can   improve your daily life. Burning rosemary can help   create a warm, welcoming atmosphere   in your home, reduce stress and anxiety,   repel insects   , and improve air quality.

Burning rosemary is being studied for its possible health benefits, particularly regarding air purification and antimicrobial effects.

From the burning of rosemary which produces volatile compounds such as rosmarinic acid, they are known for their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. These compounds can help purify the air and   protect against free radical damage.

However, keep in mind that burning herbs and spices can also produce toxic and respiratory irritating fumes. Therefore, it is important to use rosemary in a safe and controlled manner   , avoiding burning it internally or inhaling too much smoke.

In any case, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before using rosemary or any other natural remedy to cure any health problem.