Nicole Kidman’s son is all grown up now and try not to smile when you see him today

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Few Hollywood celebrities are more easily recognizable than Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

But even though both are huge stars, their children are living a quiet life. One of whom is Connor Cruise, his 28-year-old son who Cruise adopted when married to Nicole Kidman.

This is the story of Connor Cruise, and the truly special relationship he has with his parents.

First of all, Tom Cruise has done it all. From starring as a laywer in The Firm, to hot shot Navy pilot in Top Gun and a 007-like secret espionage agency hero in Mission Impossible, the American actor has really done it all.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was born on July 3. 1962, in Syracuse, New York. At a young age, Cruise moved around plenty, attending over ten schools before reaching high school. Together with his mom and her new husband, he ended up in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

Tom Cruise knew early on that he wanted to become a priest. He was a deeply religious youngster, but that would soon exchange into acting instead.

Speaking to Interview Magazine, Cruise tells the story of when he started in a school musical and absolutely fell in love. The biggest thing was him being able to show emotions and being vulnerable, something that impressed his friends.

“So the first time I did the play, all the guys came and saw it and said, ‘Whoa, we didn’t know that you could do that.’ I felt good about it. Not just the fact that they saw it, but I felt good about it in my heart,” Cruise said. “My mother taught creative drama, so I’d always enjoyed it. I told my parents I was going to New York. I never really planned on going to college anyway, I had saved money and I was going to go to Europe and find the “big picture” there.

At 18 years of age, Tom Cruise dropped out of school and moved to New York to pursue a career in acting. 20 years later, he could consider himself to be one of the best and wealthiest actors on the planet

Tom Cruise – children

At 19, Cruise landed a part in the movie Endless Love (1981), which became a success. With his charisma and great Hollywood smile, he ended up scoring high-end jobs like Top Gun (1986), Rain Man (1988), and Born on the 4th of July (1989).

In the 1990s, Tom Cruise continued with blockbuster movies such as Mission Impossible (1986) and Jerry Maguire the same year.

Following his three-year marriage to Mimi Rogers, Cruise tied the knot with Nicole Kidman in 1990. They adopted two children, daughter Isabella Jane Cruise (born 1992) and son Connor Cruise (born 1995), both when they were only months old.

In 2001, Cruise and Kidman got divorced, with Tom marrying his third wife, Katie Holmes, in 2006. They welcomed daughter Suri Cruise (born in 2006).

Tom Cruise is one of the wealthiest, most respected, and biggest movie stars in the world. Also, he renewed his faith when he got involved with the Church of Scientology in the early 1990s. Cruise is still devoted to the church even though it caused damage to his marriages with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise’s son Connor Cruise

And he’s actually had his kids join him in the Church of Scientology.

Many children of Hollywood celebrities follow in their parent’s footsteps. But that’s not the case when you talk about Tom Cruise’s children.

Kidman and Cruise’s daughter Isabella is an artist and lives in London together with her British husband, Max Parker.

But their son Connor is even more unknown to the public, being outside the spotlight for many years. So what does Connor Cruise do, you might wonder?

Connor Cruise was born Jan. 17, 1995 in Florida. Just one month old, he was adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The celebrity couple couldn’t receive a biological child because of an ectopic pregnancy and decided to adopt Isabella and later also their son Connor.

Church of Scientology
As his father joined the Church of Scientology, so did his children. Connor is said to have grown up within the church, and according to People, both him and his sister Isabella are “completely dedicated scientologists just like Tom [Cruise].”

Like his father, Connor has been dedicated to the Church of Scientology since he’s been a young child. He lives in Clearwater, Florida, where the church has its main hub.

But just like his sister, Connor’s living a private life outside the Hollywood spotlight.

He’s made small appearances in films just like his parents, having smaller roles in Seven Pounds (2008) Red Dawn (2012).

“He’s content with living a quieter life,” a source tells People.