Fans Amazed by Linda Purl’s Legs at 68 as She Poses in Swimsuit During Trip with Boyfriend Patrick Duffy, 74

Linda Purl’s legs have been the talk of the town lately, earning her heaps of compliments from fans. The actress, known for her roles in “Happy Days” and “Dallas,” shared stunning photos of herself in a swimsuit during a beach trip with her boyfriend, fellow actor Patrick Duffy.

The 68-year-old star lit up Instagram with snapshots of her enjoying the seaside. One particular image captured Purl standing on a rock, arms raised to the sky, facing the ocean.

She rocked a purple swimsuit top paired with turquoise bottoms, showcasing her enviable legs. These photos were part of her picturesque getaway with Duffy, 74.

Purl’s post ignited a flurry of admiration, especially for her legs. Fans couldn’t help but swoon over her appearance, with one praising, “Impressive legs, especially considering your age.” Another fan simply declared, “Fantastic legs, regardless of age; you’re simply stunning!”

Some followers even likened her to Marilyn Monroe, while others couldn’t contain their excitement, commenting, “Wow, major crush!”

Before their romantic escapade, Duffy and Purl had been longtime friends, circulating in the same social circles. Their love story blossomed during the pandemic through texts, calls, and video chats.

Duffy spoke fondly of their compatibility, both in lifestyle and kitchen duties, highlighting their seamless partnership.

Cooking together has been a significant aspect of their relationship, leading them to venture into a food business called “Duffy’s Dough.”

For Duffy, finding love again after the loss of his wife to cancer seemed improbable until he crossed paths with Linda Purl.

Their bond has been unwavering since the day Duffy embarked on a 20-hour journey to meet her in person after their virtual communication.