Heartbreaking Snapshot: Alfonso Ribeiro, ‘Fresh Prince’ Star, Reveals Emotional Picture of Daughter on Eve of Fourth Birthday

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The Ribeiro family gained attention following a distressing incident that resulted in injuries to their 4-year-old daughter, Ava.

The host of Dancing with the Stars shared that Ava’s recovery is expected to span several months. Despite Alfonso approaching 52 this year, the family is currently facing challenges, but their primary focus remains on supporting Ava’s healing journey.




It has been reported that the young girl, who experienced a fall from her sit-down scooter a day before turning four, underwent emergency surgery on May 12 to prevent potential scarring.

Alfonso shared images of his daughter’s injuries, depicting severe burns and bruises on her right elbow, shoulder, and eye. Despite the challenging situation, he expressed pride in Ava’s courage and extended thanks to the medical team at Kare MD Skin Health.

In an Instagram post, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor remarked, “Not the type of day you’d wish for just before turning 4.” He conveyed sincere appreciation to Kare MD Skin Health for their immediate care and the procedure aimed at minimizing the risk of scarring. Alfonso also commended his daughter for her bravery throughout the medical intervention.




Simultaneously, Angela, Ava’s mother, provided more details about her daughter’s accident. Earlier that morning, she had a strong premonition that Ava might be at risk.

“I alerted the family, kids, the sitter, and friends who were helping with preparations for Ava’s birthday party that ‘we are not engaging in anything reckless or perilous today that could lead to a visit to the ER.’ I even insisted that everyone maintain eye contact with me as I uttered these words.”

Despite Angela’s explicit warning, it’s apparent that her caution was not taken seriously enough, as Ava fell off her scooter shortly after the announcement.

Following the incident, Ava was promptly taken to Kare MD Skin Health and attended to by Dr. Raffy after hours, aiming to minimize the potential for future scarring.


“Not the ideal way to spend the last day as a three-year-old, but she showed remarkable resilience,” Angela remarked.

“Tonight, showering this sweet girl with extra cuddles.”

A few days later, Angela shared images of her daughter with facial and arm injuries. Subsequently, Alfonso appeared on Live With Kelly and Mark, providing a summary of the events.

“So, it was an incredibly stressful weekend,” he mentioned. “She had a fall and ended up with road rash on her face and arm, leading to the need for scraping off all the skin.”

Despite the frightening accident and emergency surgery the day before, the little girl was in good spirits for her 4th birthday celebration the following day. Alfonso expressed his pride in Ava’s resilience on Instagram, stating, “Happy Birthday to my sweet Ava Sue. As some of you know, Ava had a very challenging week. I’m so proud of how well she handled everything. She’s brave, strong, and creative. I love everything about my little girl.”

On May 12, the Kare MD Skin Health staff extended birthday wishes to Ava on their Instagram page.

“Thank you for the kind words, Alfonso. We are honored to care for your precious princess Ava. Best wishes for a speedy recovery,” they wrote in the caption.




I think we can all agree that when one of our babies gets hurt, it’s always terrifying. I’m glad Alfonso and Angela’s child is recovering nicely.

As of right now, Ava appears to be healing nicely. Based on the most recent updates posted on Alfonso’s Instagram, it seems that she is fully recovered. It’s comforting to see!

Do you have any memories of your child having an unfortunate accident? How did you feel at the time?

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