From Canvas to Catwalk: Model Opens Up About Employment Hurdles Due to Extensive Tattoos”

An Australian model, Amber Luke, is facing challenges in securing employment due to her extensive tattoos, which cover 99% of her body. Despite investing nearly $250,000 in her appearance, earning her the nickname “Dragon Girl,” Amber is struggling to find work.

Even though Australia is generally considered progressive, it seems that Amber is encountering difficulties in the job market. She candidly expressed her situation on a radio show in Brisbane, stating that her tattoos have limited her job options. However, she maintains a positive outlook, emphasizing that she wouldn’t want to work for a company that judges her solely based on her appearance, without considering her work ethic, values, and contributions.

Unfortunately, Amber has faced blunt opinions from people about her tattoos, with some expressing negative views on her appearance. She finds it distressing that some individuals feel entitled to voice such strong opinions without considering the impact of their words.

Amber is resolute in her belief that her tattoos haven’t caused harm to anyone. Despite some fans urging her to stop getting tattoos, she views her transformation as a success, justifying the cost of her physical changes by her newfound resilience.

While getting her eyeballs tattooed was an excruciating experience, Amber acknowledges that it marked a turning point in her body modification journey. Since then, she has undergone various changes, including butt lifts and breast augmentation.

Amber shared a photo of herself from before her transformation in 2020, sparking significant attention on Instagram. In her caption, she reflected on her journey, highlighting her transformation into a strong, self-assured woman.

She also recounted the intense process of tattooing her eyeballs, describing it as an incredibly painful sensation akin to shards of glass rubbing against her eyes. Unfortunately, a misstep by the artist left her blind for three weeks.

In addition to her tattoos, Amber takes pride in her dental modifications, which she believes complement her distinctive look. She described her satisfaction with her extended and sharpened fangs, as well as her VVS white gold tooth, emphasizing the investment she made in her dental appearance.