Many people are thinking about and praying for Reba McEntire and her family.

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A very sad airplane crash happened 32 years ago, and it changed Reba McEntire’s life and her musical family’s life forever. On March 16, 1991, eight people who were part of the singer’s band and crew, and who were also her talented friends, lost their lives in a tragic accident. Reba McEntire recently used social media to thank these individuals who had a big impact on the music industry. The accident occurred when the airplane, flying from San Diego to Indiana, hit a big rock on Otay Mountain with one of its wings.



When the rest of the group went out, Reba stayed in the hotel with her husband Narvel and stylist because she wasn’t feeling well.

Sadly, on that day, some of the people on the tour, like Chris Austin, Joey Cigainero, Jim Hammon, Paula Kaye Evans, and Terry Jackson, lost their lives in a plane crash. They were all very talented and meant a lot to Reba.

Reba made a video on Instagram to remember them. It includes a recording of the group performing, showing how great they were together.

Reba talks about them every year to keep their memory alive. In an interview with Oprah in 2012, she shared the sad moment when Narvel told her about the plane crash. It was a tough time for her, and she wants us to remember the impact these special people had on her career and music history.

Let’s share this story with our family and friends to honor these amazing individuals.