Michael Strahan’s daughter is suffering a lot while she’s getting chemotherapy for her brain cancer.

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, recently talked about her tough battle with brain cancer. She shared her experiences with chemotherapy in a honest video on her YouTube channel called “Vlog 8: Recovering from Chemo at home.”

In the video, Isabella bravely talked about the intense pain she’s going through during her treatment. She described how she feels like she’s having a “heart attack” while trying to ease her headache with an ice pack on her newly shaved head. Isabella admitted that everything hurts, including her eyes, mouth, and jaw.

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Isabella described how much pain she’s in during chemotherapy. She said her eyes hurt and it’s painful to look to the sides. Her whole mouth feels like she just had all her teeth pulled out without any pain relief. Her jaw hurts, and even the bottom of her tongue hurts when she drinks water.

She said she’d rather have radiation or brain surgery than go through chemotherapy because of how much it hurts her body.

Isabella said this treatment feels like the longest and hardest journey. She’s worried about things going wrong during treatment. The fear of the unknown is really scary for her. She worries that any little pain could mean something serious, like a heart attack or losing her eyesight or teeth.

Despite facing many challenges, Isabella said she was happy to be back home and sleeping in her own bed. Even though she felt safe in the hospital, she was grateful to be in a familiar place.

In her video, Isabella also showed parts of her time in the hospital and special moments with her dad, Michael Strahan, and her twin sister, Sophia Strahan.

Isabella’s update comes after she and her father talked about her illness on Good Morning America. She explained that she started feeling sick with headaches and nausea before things got worse and she vomited blood. Doctors found out she had a serious brain tumor called a medulloblastoma.

Michael Strahan took a break from GMA for a few weeks because of family reasons, but he didn’t say why at the time.

Even though Isabella is going through a lot, she’s staying strong. She finished her last round of radiation in January after freezing her eggs because of her illness. Our thoughts are with her and her family during this tough time.

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