“I love her like this.” Pierce Brosnan stunned fans with a photo of his plumped-up wife

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It’s hard to believe that the popular actor is now 68 years old! Pierce Brosnan is in excellent physical shape, as recent pictures show. Pierce openly acknowledges that he’s a devoted husband.

In 2001, the actor made his relationship official with the stunning Keeley, and they’ve remained committed to each other ever since. Fans have noticed a significant transformation in Pierce’s wife over the past 20 years.

The photo of a curvier Keeley often sparks discussions in the comments. Pierce’s response is brief: “I love her like this.” Comments from fans include “A beautiful couple,” “What a wonderful example,” and “They’re the exception to the rule.”

“Bravo, Pierce,” “That’s a true one-liner,” and “I wish I had a Pierce like that,” are some of the messages from the couple’s supporters under their latest photo together.

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