Nicole Kidman’s Daughters Sunday, 15, and Faith,13, Made Their First Public Outing, Stirring a Heated Buzz — Pics

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban graced the red carpet with an air of elegance and pride, marking a significant moment as they appeared alongside their teenage daughters for the first time. The occasion was the 49th AFI Life Achievement Award Gala, a tribute to Kidman’s remarkable career, held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California, on Saturday, April 27.

Standing together for photographs, the 56-year-old Kidman dazzled in a custom Balenciaga Fall 24 gown adorned with gold sequins, while Urban opted for a timeless black suit with silk lapels, complemented by a white shirt, black tie, and matching boots.

In a social media post, Kidman offered a glimpse into the preparations leading up to the gala, adding to the excitement surrounding the star-studded event.

During her acceptance speech, Kidman took a moment to express gratitude to her husband Keith Urban, daughters, and family, underscoring the profound role of love in her life. “There’s an enormous amount of luck in my life,” she remarked, “but above all, there’s love.”

Fans took to social media to shower Kidman and Urban’s daughters, Faith and Sunday, with adoration as they made their debut appearance. Comments poured in praising their natural beauty and noting their striking resemblance to their parents.

“Such naturally beautiful girls… I hope they stay that way,” remarked one fan, while another exclaimed, “Her daughters are absolutely stunning!! What lovely, radiant, happy faces!” Another user chimed in, saying, “Her daughters are beautiful, but then I expected nothing less!”

“They’ve grown up so beautifully, and their parents must be incredibly proud,” echoed another admirer, encapsulating the sentiments shared by many. “Wow, they’ve grown so much and are as tall as their mom,” gushed another online user, captivated by the elegance of the young girls.

Fifteen-year-old Sunday Rose and thirteen-year-old Faith Margaret commanded attention in their sophisticated attire, with Sunday stunning in a floral strapless gown and Faith captivating in a coral dress. Their presence alongside their parents marked a memorable milestone, further highlighted by the attendance of Kidman’s niece, Sybella Hawley.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Kidman shed light on her daughters’ enthusiasm and support for the evening. “They’re here to support me, and they’re very, very supportive and incredibly loving,” she shared. Kidman also hinted at their excitement for the post-event celebrations, indicating their eagerness for the festive atmosphere.

Amidst the celebrations, fans expressed concern over the absence of Kidman’s elder adopted children, Isabella and Connor, whom she shares with ex-husband Tom Cruise. Speculation arose regarding their nonattendance, with some attributing it to their association with Scientology.

“It’s a shame her other children—Isabella and Connor—weren’t there,” lamented one user, echoing the sentiments of others concerned about the family’s dynamics. “I’m glad she found happiness with a new family. Yes, she adopted Connor and Isabella, but Tom and Scientology took them from her. And I mean ‘took’ in the truest sense of the word. I can’t imagine the pain of losing your children to a cult,” explained one of Nicole Kidman’s supporters.

Kidman, known for her guarded approach to her personal life, addressed questions about her relationship with her elder children and their involvement with Scientology. “They’re adults,” she responded frankly, emphasizing her role as a mother to offer love and support, irrespective of her children’s decisions.

In the midst of glamour and glitz, Kidman’s heartfelt acknowledgment of family love, coupled with the debut of Sunday and Faith, captured the essence of the evening—a celebration of both personal and professional milestones.

As previously reported:

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman’s husband, and their daughter, Faith Kidman-Urban, were recently spotted at Sydney Airport. The young teenager notably bore a striking resemblance to her mother, reminiscent of Kidman’s early career days. However, some fans held differing opinions.

As they weaved through the bustling crowds of Sydney Airport, Faith was comfortably attired for the international journey, clad in a pale blue T-shirt, grey sweatpants, and a matching grey hoodie. She carried a sizable black backpack and styled her brunette locks in a neat low braid.

Meanwhile, Keith opted for a casual yet understated look, donning cargo pants paired with a white graphic-printed T-shirt. Completing his ensemble with white sneakers and thick black sunglasses, he carried a large backpack, blending into the airport’s lively atmosphere.

Their appearance immediately sparked reactions from fans, particularly noting Faith’s striking resemblance to her parents. Social media platforms buzzed with comments about Faith being the “spitting image of her dad” and others pointing out her resemblance to her mother, particularly in her nose and lips. Many agreed that she bore a stronger resemblance to Keith, with some emphasizing her beauty.

The father-daughter duo’s presence at the airport wasn’t merely incidental; it marked a significant travel occasion. Keith and Faith were en route to the United States, where Nicole was slated to receive the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award.

Despite their global renown, Nicole and Keith have managed to keep their family life relatively private. The couple shares two daughters, Sunday and Faith, aged 15 and 13, respectively. Nicole also has two older children, Bella and Connor, from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise.

In rare instances, Nicole has spoken about her family, expressing deep gratitude for the stability and love provided by Keith. She has emphasized his unwavering support, which enables her to pursue her demanding acting career with confidence.

Keith, in turn, has reflected on the transformative experience of fatherhood. Raising daughters has offered him profound joy and presented learning curves, particularly as he navigates unique personalities and dynamics. He treasures the distinct traits exhibited by Sunday and Faith, finding wonder in their individuality.

Moreover, Keith integrates his family life into his professional endeavors. His daughters play a pivotal role in his creative process, often being the first to hear his new music. Their influence extends beyond music, shaping Keith’s approach to parenting and family dynamics.

Nicole and Keith’s commitment to direct communication is evident in their decision not to rely on texting. They prioritize meaningful conversations through calls, fostering deeper connections amidst their busy schedules. This intentional approach underscores their dedication to nurturing strong family bonds.

The recent sighting of Keith and Faith at Sydney Airport shed light on the intimate family dynamics within the Urban-Kidman household, showcasing both their familial resemblance and their concerted efforts to maintain a supportive and loving home environment for their children.